Logo – Quadrate Cross

The Cursillo symbol has been adopted by the National Secretariat as the official logo for the Cursillo Movement of Australia. It was produced and funded by the Diocese of Rockhampton and it is hoped that in time it will by instantly recognised as representing the Cursillo Movement in Australia.

The Cross, with the square in the centre, is called the ‘Quadrate Cross’. The vertical line represents our relationship with God – our love and prayers up to God – God’s love and blessing down to us. The horizontal line represents our reaching out to each other and the world in and through Christ.
The square centre is perfectly balanced and presents the `still point’ – the heart of God – where we find peace and perfect balance.

Over the years many Australian Anglican Dioceses have tried to inject a little color into this cross. We haven’t.



For those who want to download this cross for their own use try these sizes;

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Spectrum Quadrate Cross